My name is Cindy Medders and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii! I work as a health & nutrition coach and have a passion for fitness (yoga, tai chi), healthy eating and diving around our beautiful reefs. I love what I do!

I've have built this website to review and talk about the best and worst programs and products for a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and life mastery that we have tested and evaluated over the years.

I do all of the fitness programs myself and test everything well (often on my friends 🙂 ), because this is my passion and profession at the same time!

I take pride in our work and see too many shady reviews out there that seem false and acted. This inspired me to create this website and write my own reviews – from real people, for real people!

My ambition for this blog is to make this a colorful place for our passions!

Cheers, and let’s master life together!
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